Load solved!

Finally, I solved an issue that had been pestering me for months. Regularly, when casually browsing, my computer would slow down dramatically for 1-2 min before continuing as if nothing happened. That was particularly irritating and I couldn’t fix this until I found a good way to reproduce it. This half broken bugs are the harder to fix because the incentive to sit down and fix it is much weaker than when everything is broken.

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Pdf diff ?


Your exchanging pdf files with an editor for a journal publication. Each time you send a list of modifications to be applied and the modified pdf file comes back to you, usually with some additional modifications that you didn’t ask for. How to spot these change easily and to make sure they are relevant? Continue reading

Accès distant par SSH (sécurisé)

Le problème principal de la solution précédente est que NFS n’est pas sécurisé. Une solution simple existe si la machine distante possède un serveur SSH. SSH permet normalement de se logger sur une machine distance de manière sécurisée, mais il est aussi possible de copier des fichiers via scp et même de monter un système de fichier distant en utilisant fuse.

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