Mapping photos 2 (libkml)

Few days ago Google release an open source library targeted at KML files: libkml. There is also bindings for python available.

A good opportunity to try it out was to simplify my previous python tagging script.

Using the lib is easy from the examples on Google’s website:

coordinates = factory.CreateCoordinates()

to create coordinates for examples. All elements are created and combined together in a kmldom::Document which is passed to a kmldom::Kml then written to a file.

Here is the full script:

Just run as python

Enjoy !

NB: You’ll need to get the libkml cvs version >= r33 at least for this to work

EDIT 2009-08-30: after few updates due to my trip in South Africa (south hemisphere), i’ve updated the script and find more convenient to put it on

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