Continuous learning

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin

I’ve always loved to read book: at any time, I have several books lining up to be read. Technical books are one category of these books.

A while ago, I used to go to the bookshop, randomly pick up some books, flip through it and sometimes buy it. I had some very good experience like that. But recently, I’ve been given access to a 2 million book library. To get a better understanding of the number: if you read each book in one hour (well, that’s pretty fast), don’t stop to sleep or eat, you would need more than 200 years to finish up. And I’m not counting the new books coming in.

So I don’t exactly proceed at random and select the book I’m reading. Since I’ve been using public transport for the past few months (freedom without car!), I enjoy about 1h per day that is reserved for reading. I’ve found some great books and many of them had a significant impact on the way I’m doing stuff now. The timing has a great influence and if I had read any of these book at a different time, they may not have had a similar impact. I’ll mention some of these books here and what impact they had.

These experiences confirm the importance of learning continuously. I have a benchmark: looking at what I have done a year earlier, if I’m unimpressed and think that I would do better now, this is good. That means that I’ve done some progress and learn some stuff during the past year.

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